Whenever it is a new technology, it is easy for people to overlook the benefits for all of its disadvantages. At the moment the same thing is happening with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The global technology market is expanding its reach to various areas of work. Experts predict that the value of the blockchain technology market will soon exceed $ 20 billion. Blockchain has enormous potential for reducing technological costs, especially in the financial sector.

There is no doubt that blockchain technology offers some of the main advantages over technology existing around the world. Further information on blockchain technology and its future potential can be found at

How can blockchain technology improve data security?

If you are looking for a way to adopt Blocks Kachin technology, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of how blockchain technology works.

1. Blockchain is decentralized

Blockchain networks work with different models than cloud systems or storage systems. Instead of using cloud servers or individual storage, everything is broken down into small blocks of information and all of the blockchain network information is distributed.

Blockchain is a digital ledger, and each computer system acts as a node on the network. Hence, intermediaries have been effectively reduced. With the blockchain network, you don’t have to trust third parties. Instead, you can just use a distributed ledger to complete ten tasks.

2. Blockchain offer encryption

All data that has been encrypted on the blockchain network. You can therefore be sure that none of the data in the network will be changed in any way. Because of the public ledger technology, you can easily check the file signatures on the nodes and ensure that they have not been changed.

However, if someone tries to change the signature, it will be invalid. This feature allows you to use a blockchain ledger to check whether your data has changed over time.

3. Impossible to hack

The traditional network has a repository for storing all data. Therefore, hackers can easily hack the network, access and damage the repository. However, with blockchain technology, all data is stored remotely on the network so that hackers cannot access the data.

The data stored in the blockchain network is of a decentralized nature and is checked with every encryption. Every encryption and transaction is confirmed with several nodes on the network. Therefore, if hackers really want to hack the network, they have to hack every node at the same time.

4. Blockchain can be both: public and private

While blockchain is viewed as a public network that can restrict fraudulent activity; However, the same technology can also be used as a private network. In the private network, you can restrict the user by only allowing them through with one access.

The fundamental difference between a public blockchain network and a private blockchain network is that you can see what others are doing on the public network. You can restrict unauthorized access in the private network.

5. Revise security

Blockchain technology is about bringing every elementary and every process into a network. Therefore every process and every work becomes more transparent. The best part is that blockchain technology works on the principle of the public ledger. Therefore, when the information is shared, it is immutable. Because of this, the data is validated before any blockchain technology information is encrypted.

Data is encrypted through validation and consensus. Therefore, the network is more secure than any other network. With these two traits, transparency and two-tier security, experts believe security can be taken to the next level.


Blockchain has the potential to provide security to both public and private networks. However, it depends on the companies how they use or implement blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology can also be integrated with AI, ML and automation. This could make blockchain technology more robust.