TRAIN, Switzerland, February 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bitcoin Association, the SwitzerlandA global industry organization working to advance the Bitcoin SV blockchain business today announced their appointment Aaron Zhou as his first ChinaSpecialist in technical public relations. Zhou’s hiring is the latest addition to a growing team of technical and business liaison professionals within the Bitcoin Association who are dedicated to enhancing corporate engagement and awareness of Bitcoin SV’s capabilities as a data network protocol.

In his new role, Zhou will work with the Bitcoin Association global team and ChinaEmployees who work with business, technology, and government leaders ChinaEducate them about the benefits of building Bitcoin SV’s public ledger and the technical tools available to do so, as well as the growing ecosystem of companies and products that use the network. In addition to his role with the Bitcoin Association, Zhou will join nChain – a leading global blockchain research and development company – as a software engineer, where he will be part of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure team.

Zhou is moving from IBM to his new roles BeijingMost recently he worked there as a Java developer and DevSecOps engineer. As a longtime active member of the Bitcoin SV community, Zhou has contributed to the open source BitSV Python library during his time, worked on several Bitcoin SV application development projects, and held workshops sponsored by the Bitcoin Association and webinars on blockchain technology for training other developer.

The expansion of the Bitcoin Association team comes because the interest and acceptance of Bitcoin SV continues to grow China and all over the world. As the only blockchain protocol that matches the creator Satoshi Nakamoto Original design and vision for Bitcoin – both as a peer-to-peer e-cash system and as a global data book for companies – Bitcoin SV is quickly becoming the corporate network of choice for companies and developers. Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain that can act as a global public data book for payments and corporate data applications. It can be scaled indefinitely and can support large transaction volumes in addition to micropayment, smart contracts, tokenization and data functions.

The Bitcoin Association Founding President will speak at today’s appointment Jimmy Nguyen |said:

‘As business interest in Bitcoin SV continues to grow, the Bitcoin Association is excited to add Aaron to our technical outreach team to help meet growing market demand. Aaron’s experience at IBM working with software systems on a large scale will be a valuable addition to our association as we continue our work to educate companies on why Bitcoin SV is the most powerful distributed data book to support all of their blockchain applications. ‘

Comment on his attitude, Aaron Zhou said:

‘After being part of the Bitcoin SV community for a few years, I am excited to have the opportunity to turn my passion into my job and join the Bitcoin Association and nChain. Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain that is infinitely scalable and offers the data functions that companies need. It offers a great opportunity for development at the company level. I look forward to working with companies, government agencies and developers China to help them understand this potential and develop innovative solutions that leverage the unique capabilities of Bitcoin SV. ‘

Via the Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is the Switzerland-based global industrial organization working to advance the Bitcoin SV blockchain business. It combines essential components of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem – companies, start-ups, developers, traders, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors (miners) and others – and works alongside them and in a representative function, the further use of the Bitcoin SV- Drive blockchain and the introduction of the digital BSV currency.

The association is working to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that encourages lawful behavior while enabling innovation using all aspects of Bitcoin technology. Bitcoin is not only a digital currency and blockchain, but also a network protocol. Just like the Internet Protocol, it is the basic set of rules for an entire data network. The association supports the use of the original Bitcoin protocol to run the world’s only blockchain on Bitcoin SV.

SOURCE Bitcoin Association