There has been a lot of talk about the wild ride on Wall Street lately, and Bitcoin is another investment that is generating a lot of buzz. The cryptocurrency, which had value a few years ago, is now rising to tens of thousands of dollars, turning many early buyers into millionaires.

While many people have heard of Bitcoin, many of them may not really understand what it is. It is not a physical coin. When people say they are buying Bitcoin, they are actually buying a digital currency that can be exchanged over the internet without a bank.

Many people leave their bitcoins in their virtual wallets for years. The cryptocurrency slowly appreciated and recently exploded, making new highs. One reason for the recent increase: More and more investors are buying Bitcoin as an asset, similar to gold.

“The reason you hear a lot about it is because it is in great demand,” said Taylor Tepper, investment and retirement analyst at Forbes Advisor. “As prices rise, people become more interested. People start to think, “Am I missing something? Should i do that? Can i get rich quick? ‘”

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But Bitcoin is not a quick way to get rich. It took years for it to hit current record highs. Some analysts predict that the price of Bitcoin could see one more surge, and even triple the highs it is now seeing. However, Tepper warns that Bitcoin is extremely volatile and does not serve as a basis for retirement.

“I think there’s just a lot of mojo … the price is going up, it has the potential to be this revolutionary technology,” said Tepper. “But when it comes to actually planning your future, this should be viewed as a speculative bet as opposed to one that you can really rely on.”

You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to buy Bitcoin. You can buy a fraction of a coin and watch it grow, even with as little as a few hundred dollars. No matter how much money you spend, Tepper warns: “You should use any pretext to accept that this money may not be worth anything tomorrow. So this is money that you can afford to lose. “

If you want to buy bitcoin to spend money, many large companies are starting to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. For example Microsoft, Paypal and even Overstock. And Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there, just the one that is currently ahead.