CHARLESTOWN, St. Kitts and Nevis, January 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Economic Education Foundation ( announced today that is a founder and early cryptocurrency investor Roger lake gave a total of two presents $ 2,000,000 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in support of FEE’s work in promoting individual freedom and educating students around the world about the moral and economic foundations of a free society.

The first $ 1 million The gift will support FEE’s marquee events in 2021 – FEE’s 75th anniversary year – as well as additional student programs, including online educational content and books. The second $ 1 million The gift is in the form of a foundation that continuously supports the educational activities of FEE.

Ver who donated previously $ 1,000,000 In Bitcoin to FEE in 2013, he said he owed FEE an intellectual debt and is making this new donation at a time when he believes the work of FEE is needed more than ever.

“I was a subscriber to long-running FEE magazine ‘The Freeman’ when I was in high school, and I owe my great success with Bitcoin to what I learned about the moral urgency of a state-segregated monetary system,”

said Roger lake. He continued:

“I’ve looked around the world today and seen global blockades, inflation and attacks on individual freedom. I thought, ‘Who are the main voices of freedom today?’ FEE is high on my list. I want to help FEE have the same impact on the lives of millions of young people that it made on my life. “

FEE – All Peaceful

Founded in 1946, FEE is the oldest libertarian think tank in the United States. Fee celebrates its 75th anniversary with events over the course of 2021, including FEEcon (in Atlanta of 17th-19th June) and the FEE 75th Anniversary Gala on June 19th. Each year, FEE reaches an audience of hundreds of millions online and nearly 20,000 students through teaching programs at colleges and high schools in both The United States and Latin America.

“Roger accelerated our online growth in 2013 when he gave an unprecedented one $ 1 million in Bitcoin to FEE “

said the executive vice president of FEE Richard N. Lorencwho further said:

“At the time, this was the largest cryptocurrency donation ever made and has since helped us significantly along a path of growing educational impact. With these new great gifts from Bitcoin Cash, Roger continues his transformative donation, just as we do begin to celebrate FEE’s 75th anniversary year and unveil our campaign to expose more and more students to the ideas of freedom, both in their classrooms and online. “

When asked why he wanted to put his gift in Bitcoin Cash, Ver remarked:

“Bitcoin Cash of all cryptocurrencies has the best chance of creating more economic freedom worldwide. In contrast to the old Bitcoin chain, Bitcoin Cash can be sent immediately to anyone worldwide for a fraction of a penny without arbitrary government restrictions. A potential that excited me so much To invest in Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies for the first time in 2011, and the potential fits perfectly with the work FEE is doing to create a freer, more peaceful world. “

With the new gifts from Ver, FEE plans to rapidly expand its capacity to continue producing high-performing videos, writing compelling articles, and developing educational materials, all of which focus on promoting individual freedom, free enterprise, and limited governance in the Focus areas on business, arts and careers, culture and more.

“Roger’s pioneering work in the field of cryptocurrency shows how ideas can and can change the world.”

said the President of the FEE Zilvinas Silenas.

“Likewise, Roger’s continued investment in FEE underscores FEE’s critical role in business education. FEE is a key player in introducing the ideas of freedom and individual empowerment to young audiences, and we are honored to have Roger our pioneering work online and in the classroom, with the support of far-sighted philanthropists like Roger lakeFEE will succeed in making human freedom the most credible economic and political philosophy of the emerging generation. “

To learn more about FEE’s online and educational programs and online media, visit To find out how to attend FEEcon 2021, visit Visit FEEEorg / donate to work with FEE to advance the basic ideas and principles of a free society – individual freedom, free enterprise, limited government, entrepreneurial value creation and high moral character – for the rising generation

To see how you can start using Bitcoin Cash today, visit to download the wallet and buy your first Bitcoin Cash.

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