Evaluation of developments in the market, Vacation TekceThe Chairman of Tekce Overseas stated, “With our goal of being a pioneer in PropTech, crypto payment methods have always been on our agenda. During this time when the value of Bitcoin hit record highs, we have significant value with reliable and dependable values created.” Simple payment methods that we offer to investors and the demand in this regard has grown significantly. ”

More than 50 properties have been sold in the last 2 months

Bayram Tek├že, who completed the world’s first cryptocurrency real estate sale in 2017, said it had sold more than 50 properties in the past two months when the crypto money market peaked. He added that TurkeyThe company has a liberal economy and offers cryptocurrency investors many opportunities to balance their wealth through the use of real estate investments as leverage.

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market volume, has been on the agenda in recent days with record price increases. The third part of the Bitcoin halving took place May 11, 2020 with the aim of slowing down production and equalizing supply in the market. As a result of the halving, Bitcoin should gain in value as a medium of exchange or investment. Additionally, investors are looking for an instrument that will not lose value due to the global pandemic. The US presidential election and growing corporate interest in the field also added value. As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin is attracting the attention of many investors looking for asset security.

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