GIBRALTAR, January 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quantocoin is a blockchain bank that has all of the advantages of a traditional bank, but without the disadvantages. The company launches its native utility token on the leading LAToken exchange after the final round of its IEO is completed. The QTCT token sale is staggered over 3 rounds, with the first round now being extended until February 7th and the last round ending March 30, 2021.

What is Quantocoin?


Quantocoin is a blockchain bank focused on offering a solution to common banking problems while providing all the benefits of traditional banks. The Quantocoin blockchain banking platform and mobile app are expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2021. Both will use blockchain smart contracts to avoid slow transaction times and high processing fees, but still offer traditional offerings like fraud protection and new technologies like bio-ID verification.

A blockchain bank of the future

Quantocoin offers faster transaction times, less administrative effort and lower costs than conventional banks. Quantocoin is also focused on security and has streamlined traditional AML and compliance procedures using the fast, secure and cheaper blockchain technology.

In an effort to combine the best aspects of traditional banking with the advantages of blockchain, QTC will offer a wide range of features. Quantocoin offers great banking features such as insurance coverage, credit, deferred payments, wire transfers and unlimited international transfers that will greatly benefit any global business.

However, individuals and blockchain enthusiasts alike benefit from more advanced features such as cashback, (up to 30%) crypto and fiat currency exchange, and advanced asset management. Users can receive, send money, make payments, and even trade, all using cryptocurrency and fiat. The platform also offers reward and loyalty programs for the benefit of loyal users.

The Quantocoin mission is to become the bank of the future by providing the security, stability and other options that traditional banks offer, but without the delays, paperwork and high costs. Quantocoin will be integrated into the Quantopay platform in the second quarter of 2021.

What is Quantopay?

Quantopay is a one-stop fintech solution that integrates the Quantocoin blockchain application. Quantopay offers users a very competitive fee structure and savings on wire transfers / online purchases when the payment card is used at any ATM in the world. Cashback and other offers will also be available to users of the new Visa card, which will also be launched in the second quarter of 2021.

Quantocoin ambassador

An early blockchain technology pioneer, Quantocoin made history in 2018 when it acquired 25% of Italian Serie C football club Rimini FC 1912 with cryptocurrency.

Quantocoin has deep roots in the soccer world through selected famous soccer legends who have been loyally connected to us for over three years. Quantocoin is also a pioneer in using blockchain smart contracts to fight corruption in football.

Quantocoin co-founder Victor Pablo Dana specified:

“At Quantocoin, we introduced blockchain technology early on and used smart contracts in the sports industry to avoid hidden commissions and create transparency. We were also an early pioneer in providing partial wages in cryptocurrency and one of the first to join a sports team acquired with crypto. “

IEO on LAToken

After the successful ICO in 2018 and the technical developments of the QuantoPay and Quantocoin platforms over the past three years. The company is proud to announce the QTCT utility token IEO on the LAToken exchange. Quantocoin also plans to list its token on various other leading exchanges during 2021 and beyond.

The IEO runs from January 15 to March 30, 2021 and offers participants the opportunity to invest in developing innovative projects and secure QTCT tokens before being listed on other exchanges later in 2021.

IEO details

Token: Quantocoin (QTCt)

Price: 1QTC = 22 USD, (Round 1) 33 USD, (Round 2) 44 USD (Round 3)

Maximum token supply: 65,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000

Hard cap: 45,000,000 USD

Number of tokens for sale: 20,000,000

Start and end date: January 15, 2021 – March 30, 2021

Currencies: USDT, EURO, BTC, ETH

The first round of the IEO has been extended by one week and ends not on January 30th, but on February 7th, giving participants a whole additional week, but QCTC at the cheapest price of 22 USD. Participate in the ongoing Initial QTCT Token IEO on LAToken Exchange to be part of a future of low fees, seamless transactions, smart contract-based security, and other great benefits.

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