Tbilisi, Georgia, April 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Blockchain technology adoption is in full swing. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency – Bitsfine has added a whole new dimension to the benefits of cryptocurrencies. It is a detailed ecosystem that offers crypto utilities.

Although all of the leading banks and financial institutions worldwide have already been interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, there is hardly any way to spend them. Crypto holders need to convert the cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies in order to use them for real transactions. This has inspired Bitsfine to develop a platform where crypto holders can easily use cryptocurrencies for their real-world use.

The best news is that it has its own coin called the BFN. Why so? The BFN is the basis of the entire Bitsfine concept. It enables its users to purchase any service with minimal transaction costs at lightning speed, with the highest level of security and while maintaining transparency.

You can use the standard go-to-token Bitsfine Token (BFNT) and all other cryptos like BTC, ETH etc. as you wish without converting them to fiat.

The platform’s core offerings are: a utility token, banking services, debit cards and DeFi services. Bitsfine company will offer utility and banking services, while major gaming and social trading platforms will accept the BFN tokens. Anyone can trade and invest on the social trading platform without in-depth trading knowledge as you can take advantage of the services of professional traders who will trade for you and share the profit.

The platform offers a variety of gift cards and coupons. Cryptocurrencies can be transferred to Bitsfine prepaid debit cards and easily processed via ATMs. In this decentralized world, we want everything to be at hand. So here’s the Bitsfine app that works for both Android and iOS users.

Bitsfine ICO is now live – April 1, 2021. Check out this futuristic movement and take part at the earliest! Here are the details of both offers-

1. The total supply of coins is 1000 crores.

2. For the first 5% tokens, a user will receive a 100% bonus when purchasing 10 lakh tokens or more in a single transaction.

3. A user who purchases 40,000 tokens or more in a single transaction will receive a 25% bonus on the first 10% tokens.

With popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, BFN tokens can be purchased seamlessly.

To participate in the ICO, visit the official website https://ico.bitsfine.io/register.

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SOURCE Bitsfine

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