Well-known cryptocurrency trader and active YouTuber Ben Armstrong lists its top 4 altcoins that will rise and shine this month.

Ben shared a video on his channel, BitBoy Crypto, about his top picks for the month of March. The predictions are based on research conducted by an altcoin research site, Token Metrics.

His top token picks include a diverse spectrum of coins, from low cap gemstones to niche projects to market-leading tokens.

Top Altcoins listed

At # 4 is Alpha Finance, the new cross-chain DeFi platform. He thinks that even though Alpha is 124th on CoinMarketCap, it will make it into the top 100 by the end of this month and is sure to see an upturn. On token metrics, it has 6.24% of its portfolio share.

“It looks like it’s in the middle of a 20% breakout today.” said Armstrong.

Ahead at # 3 is North Finance (NORD) It’s an ecosystem to make defi investing easy and straightforward. He goes on to state that this is a low cap gem, with a market cap of $ 6 million, North is a “hottest Niche in crypto”.

It is an advanced defi ecosystem that can work on any chain called chain independent. He lists the benefits such as high returns, cross-chain swaps, and free costs. According to Armstrong, it is a less anticipated token that will explode.

It reads at # 2 on his watch Earth moon), what he predicts will skyrocket in a few weeks.

He explains it as a defi project where stable coins are tied to different currencies so that users can easily issue crypto.

“This is not only one to watch for today and this month, but also for the long term. If it achieves all of its goals, it could easily become the currency of the internet. “

The top of the list – Bitcoin

His number 1 for this month is Bitcoin. His opinion on the token is optimistic, saying it has already outperformed speculation, had a great run early last month and almost hit the $ 60,000 mark.

It ended up falling and could have been a loss for a short while, but the bull run will be stronger in March.

Although the trader chooses his bets, he declares his crypto prediction conflict as a

“Crypto offers us an interesting paradox because it is predictably cyclical, yet completely unpredictable on a smaller scale.”