The crypto market has just passed a market cap of $ 2 trillion thanks to a broad rally in altcoins. Now the top altcoin, Ethereum, could be ready to hit new heights.

The main feature on the ETHUSD chart is the breakout above the February high of around USD 2,000, followed by a brief retest and a tight consolidation pattern. Old resistance seems to be new support.

Second, looking back at recent price action, we find a pair of higher lows. The price first held the $ 1,400 zone that had previously resisted. Next, it clawed back from a dip below $ 1,600. This is an ascending triangle textbook.

Third, MACD has done positively as ETHUSD bounced back above its 50-day simple moving average and 21-day exponential moving average early last week.

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Ethereum (ETHUSD), daily chart with key patterns, courtesy of TradingView.

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