The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is in the final stages of a new data exchange code of conduct.

The Code will be a “practical guide for organizations” on how to exchange personal data “in accordance with data protection laws”.

It explains the law and gives recommendations on best practice, and the ICO said the code will be “required by law” once it is presented to parliament.

Following these guidelines along with other ICO guidelines will help organizations manage risk. meet high standards; Clarify any misunderstandings a company may have about data sharing and give them confidence to adequately and correctly share data.

This code covers the exchange of personal data between organizations that are responsible for the processing. This also applies if you grant third parties access to data in any way.

The data exchange can take place routinely, planned or once. If necessary, data can be exchanged in an urgent or emergency situation.

The new Code of Conduct explains and advises changes in data protection laws when those changes are relevant to data sharing, and addresses many aspects of the new legislation, including transparency, legal bases for processing, the new accountability principle and the requirement to record processing activities.

Prior to drafting the Code, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham published a call for comments in August 2018 asking for input from individuals and various organizations such as trade associations and representatives of the interests of individuals. A public consultation followed in 2019. The ICO announces that it will publish the responses, along with a summary, when the code is finalized.


The ICO’s data exchange code is based on the recent announcement of a new child code to protect children online.

Under the Age Appropriate Design Code, organizations that provide online services and products that children under the age of 18 are likely to access will be given one year to make the changes necessary to keep children’s privacy at the center of their lives Designs to ask.

Take part in the debate

Maureen Falconer, Regional Manager at the ICO, will speak about data exchange at DIGIT’s upcoming virtual data protection summit on December 10th.

Leading experts from across the data protection landscape will attend the event and examine the critical issues that frontline practitioners face.

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