After an applicant asked the Cabinet Office for a record regarding Savvy Entertainment, the Information Commissioner issued a decision finding that the Cabinet Office failed to resolve the applicant’s internal review request within the legal timeframe and the Information Commissioner ordered the Cabinet Office to meet the requirement to make a decision on the internal review request.

While the type of exact PATI application submitted is not specified, Savvy Entertainment is the company that received the $ 800,000 government loan and the loan has not been repaid since the last check.

Screenshot I from the ICO decision document

A spokesman said: “Information Commissioner Gitanjali Gutierrez issued the Cabinet Office Decision 02/2021 in February 2021.

“The decision takes into account the cabinet’s failure to issue an internal review decision within the 6-week period prescribed by the PATI Act. The requested internal review decision concerns a PATI request for recordings relating to Savvy Entertainment Limited.

Screenshot II from the ICO office decision document

“Since the Cabinet Office did not make an internal review decision during the Information Commissioner’s review, it is instructed by the Information Commissioner to conduct an internal review and issue its decision within four weeks of the 02/2021 decision.

“Failure to decide investigations and decisions by the Information Commissioner helps the authorities respond to all PATI inquiries and meet the deadlines set out in the PATI Act.”

The decision 02/2021 follows below [PDF here]::

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