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The Information Commissioner’s Office has appointed Stephen Almond as Director of Technology and Innovation and plans to further strengthen its team of technology professionals.

In 2018, the regulator recruited Simon McDougall as its first chief technology policy and innovation director. He has since been promoted to deputy commissioner and is replaced by Almond, who joins the World Economic Forum.

The broader Directorate of Technology and Innovation, which has worked on projects related to the impact of the contact tracing program on privacy and the use of machine learning by the public sector, is further strengthened by an ongoing recruitment program.

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“Technology and innovation are very important to the ICO as the management is currently on a recruitment offensive,” said the regulator. “The ICO’s technology department is looking for people who are passionate about protecting and embedding civil rights in a modern data-driven economy.”

McDougall, who heads the board, said Almond’s “previous experience will be invaluable as the ICO works to support a safe and thriving digital economy in the UK”.

He added, “The [technology and innovation] The department is central to ensuring that information rights regulation keeps pace with technological advances. The team continues to grow and I want to encourage anyone with a technological background to visit our recruiting pages. “