VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”), a cleantech company that specializes in converting waste into energy and reclaimed resources, announces that they have been nominated for an award in the Business Innovation category of the first edition of The Recircle Awards. As a technology pioneer, Klean recognizes the challenges of developing, funding and successfully deploying innovative technologies that reduce the consumption of new resources and the recovery of valuable materials and energy from waste. As a true technology pioneer in the advanced heat treatment of used tires, plastic waste and solid municipal waste, Klean is expanding its technology offering for customers and new customers with the introduction of the KleanLoop ™ Blockchain DApp and Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”).

Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean, said, “It’s great to see the market understand the value Klean brings to the recycling area of ​​tire manufacturing and we are very excited about the launch of KleanLoop ™ and its nomination for Business Innovation Award. While it’s great to be recognized, we’re even more excited to see KleanLoop ™ technology deployed in one of the newest tire pyrolysis recycling facilities in Boardman, Oregon. This facility will be the largest continuously extracted carbon black facility ever built in North America. It has taken years to refine the DApp and SAS technology needed to radically change how “waste”, especially scrap tires, can be tracked, recycled, and then deconstructed back into raw material that can then be re-used as new resources is integrated into the supply chain. in a way so transparent that the way tires are made and recycled will change forever. A real innovation designed to advance the circular economy and everyone’s goals for sustainable development. “

As a company, the Klean team believes that business innovation is one of our best qualities that has led to its success. They also know that Klean’s integrated approach and technology offering are fundamentally changing tire manufacturing and recycling. By having Klean collect all of our facilities that process data and combine them with the data of our processing partners. Use of the Internet of Things (“IoT”); We are able to consolidate this data and decompose the data using a proprietary AI engine developed by Klean called Arnold. Arnold uses algorithmic solutions to systematically calculate a facility’s incoming raw material quantities, total energy consumption, product production and packaging, emissions, sales, and market prices, and takes into account any distributed emissions that are generated to put the recovered resources back in to bring the existing supply chain. A track & trace solution that allows practically every kilowatt for every molecule used and produced in the supply chain to be counted down to the smallest detail. Much like social media tracks every aspect of people’s lives online, Arnold is dedicated to tracking every aspect of a given waste material using IoT and creating a live streaming data profile in an ongoing lifecycle analysis of waste from the point it was created until it was from that moment When it is used over and over again, waste becomes a resource and its components are a product of what goes into the KleanLoop ™. This data and the products made from waste are forever tracked as the data product of the KleanLoop ™.

Much like how social media uses everyone’s input data over the Internet of Things to track, track and monitor everyone’s movements, our DApp blockchain and an application of Distributed Ledger Technology are designed to significantly reduce industrial costs and create operational efficiency and never seen cleanliness before; This can and will happen in the entire raw materials sector and in waste management. The first focus of KleanLoop ™ is on the tire recycling and tire manufacturing industry as a flagship to illustrate a symbiotic innovation that delivers the highest possible returns, both environmentally and financially.

For more information on KleanLoop ™ and tire recycling, see the following video, GO >>.

The KleanLoop ™ searches for your voice

We hope the KleanLoop ™ will support the KleanLoop ™ cause by visiting the Recircle Awards website and voting for KleanLoop ™ in the next step in the Business Innovation Award selection process in recognition of the most innovative new business idea in the tire recycling sector. Klean thanks everyone who has voted for the nomination so far.

Voting is open to everyone in the industry and this will determine the winning company of the competition from among the 5 finalists selected. The voting is open from November 30, 2020 and ends on March 5, 2021 – only one vote per category will be recognized per person. Visit the Recircle Awards website to vote for nominated players in each category >> GO.

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About the Recircle Awards

The Recircle Awards are designed to encourage the contributions of companies across the tire distribution chain and to cover the entire life cycle of the tire. They offer key players the opportunity to celebrate success in the circular economy in their customers’ companies. Suppliers from around the world are invited to submit their nominations for the various categories chosen by the global readership of Retreading Business and Tire & Rubber Recycling, as well as other selected tire industry magazines from around the world.

About Klean

Klean is made up of an international team of award-winning experts with decades of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering alternative energy solutions, including clean power generation, waste management, recycling and resource recovery. The company currently has an impressive portfolio of clean technologies and patents that have been used successfully in many tire recycling and tire pyrolysis plants around the world. Klean is rapidly conducting a number of rubber pyrolysis projects in North America and Europe dedicated to the production of high quality ASTM carbon black (rCB).

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