HYDERABAD: A social media user from Kondapur was defrauded with 2.89 rupees by conmen posing as a bitcoin trader. Three people, whose previous history is not yet known, were booked.
The victim came across an ad on Telegram offering various financial investment programs and fell for it. He was put on a Telegram group by the defendant, believing that the people who facilitate Bitcoin trading are foreigners whose names were Amanda William, Lucy Alton and Jeremy Williams. The trio was booked under IT law.
After collecting Rs 2.89 lakh, the defendant blocked the person in the group and became inaccessible when attempting to reach them. The victim believed he was trading Bitcoin for two months. According to the instructions, the victim created a profile in the trust wallet. The complainant sent money in various installments in the hope that he would make enormous profits.
“His first wallet investment was $ 200 and he thought he could make $ 1,000. On a website created by the defendant, the victim’s balance showed that he was making the promised profits and that this was also reflected. However, the money was not sent to his wallet, ”said cyber criminals.
Then he turned to the Cyberabad police and complained that he had lost 2.89 rupees.