Some of the digital coins have been salvaged since the exchange crashed, but much of them are still lost. For every bitcoin filed for bankruptcy, the estate only needs to pay out 0.23 coins. On the positive side, Bitcoin was trading at $ 489 when Mt. Gox went bankrupt and is currently trading at around $ 37,000 – about 75 times higher. That is, if you had 100 bitcoins worth $ 48,900 in 2014, you could now have 23 worth around $ 850,000.

Mt. Gox litigation has dragged on, in part because of a $ 16 billion demand from CoinLab that observers have called “the elephant in the room.” However, the new arrangement could allow smaller investors to reclaim their funds. Back in 2019, the former Mt.Mark Karpeles, CEO of Gox, was not found guilty of embezzlement in connection with the bankruptcy but was convicted of record manipulation and given a 2.5 year suspended sentence.