When emerging technologies collide, the effects change. Those at the forefront of augmented and virtual reality have already transformed several industries. But what happens when you apply blockchain technology and chain both the 3D and the real world? It enables unprecedented personalization of data, and most importantly, profitability that anyone can build on to reap their fair rewards.

Robert Rice is the founder and CEO of Transmira Inc., the developer of Omniscape, an XR platform that seamlessly combines AR and VR. He also coined the term XR, the umbrella term for the mixture of the two mixed reality technologies. I was excited to meet Robert at an investment summit in Dubai, where he gave a talk on how the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain enables him to grow smart cities in a safe way. We sat down to record the latest episode of CoinGeek Conversations.

After starting out as a comic book store owner, Rice was the first to use PC components in arcade games. In 1996 he was recognized by Advertising Age magazine as a pioneer of internet gaming. To this day, he explained to brands Omniscape’s unparalleled promotional offerings. “For example, Starbucks can run a campaign and geographically locate 3D Starbucks coffee mugs anywhere.” Imagine Pokémon GO, but once you find your coffee mug, you can cash it in for a real cup of coffee at the next Starbucks. So what’s in it for Starbucks? By placing objects where their customers are, they can address target groups on an individual level and bring them directly to their stores.

“Imagine watching a superbowl and a Doritos commercial on TV. Whip out your phone because there will likely be a 3D pouch of Doritos for you to grab. “Robert broke content from the live streaming and explained the super impressive part. “Let’s say three people are sitting on a couch and watching the soccer game. The Doritos commercial is on TV. We can offer everyone a different experience. Maybe I’ll get the free bag from Doritos, the guy next to me will get an offer for Dr. Pepper … now that I can deliver it, I get data back too. “It takes targeted advertising to the next level by allowing data to be broken down according to the preferences of each household member and content to be tracked and changed in real time.

Another industry that Robert and his team are shaking up is global digital real estate. And he’s very keen that individuals have a fun experience that allows them to benefit from property. “For $ 2 or $ 3, you can go to Omniscape and buy a location somewhere. And this area has been yours for 2 years, just like a domain name. “You then have the opportunity to exchange your room for a prize. And for those looking to make a social impact, Robert also hopes to create space. For example, by purchasing a piece of ocean, Omniscape hopes to donate the profits to charities that fight to protect the world’s oceans.

Like the data offer for advertisers, the virtual real estate platform will be present in the blockchain. And Robert is firmly convinced that this is only possible with BSV. “When comparing the technical parts, there is really no choice: size, speed, scale, cost; You’d have to be an idiot in my industry to do something else that isn’t Bitcoin SV. “

For Robert it is important not only to build things for the benefit of companies and brands. But also for individuals. “I think if we can make it easy for everyone: business, brand, consumer, content creator, doing things fast and monetizing it, we will likely destroy everyone else.”

On this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversation, learn more about Robert’s activities in space, his predictions for breakthrough industries over the next few decades, and his alter ego as a cartoon character. Robert Rice. You’re a hero.

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