Nicholas Merten, a popular cryptocurrency trader and founder of DataDash, has announced some of his top cryptocurrency picks for the upcoming altcoin season that he believes is to come.

In a new episode of DataDash, first spotted by Daily Hold, Merten said he was watching UNI, the native sign of the Uniswap decentralized exchange, and found that the Cryptoasset is ready to reverse its downtrend in the UNI / BTC trading pair to reverse. Merten said:

The general gist is that you’ll have a full U-shaped rebound from the relative highs at launch and then we have room to break out of possibly even higher valuations.

With the Uniswap exchange adding more and more volume, the move might “be a little more rational than it currently looks”. For Merten, the price of UNI could rise above 0.007 BTC, an increase of 180% over the current value of 0.00025 BTC.

Another coin the analyst is keeping an eye on is dHedge DAO (DHT), an Ethereum-based protocol for decentralized asset management supported by Synthetix. With this announcement, dHedge will exit stealth mode. “He eyes DHT as it sees higher lows and” another U-shaped rebound “.

The analyst also pointed to Chainlink for the LINK / BTC trading pair, saying it is starting to show bullish signs after making a massive green candle. He added:

Chainlink has a nice base here, very healthy soil over several weeks until the beginning of January and is now starting to take off.

Finally, Merten mentioned Polkadot, believing that the cryptocurrency’s downtrend against Bitcoin could have ended earlier this month and is now set to climb to 0.013 BTC. Cardanos ADA, he said, should also move up based on technical analysis.

Selected image via Unsplash.