Chantel Jeffries and Christine Lagarde embody two increasingly polarized camps when it comes to Bitcoin: the cryptojunkies and the cryptosceptics.

Jeffries is a Californian YouTuber, DJ, model and musician who delights her 4.7 million Instagram followers with selfies for swimwear.

A few days ago a TikTok video appeared in which the 28-year-old influencer raved about how she had owned Bitcoin since 2017 and found it “entertaining” to watch the price of the virtual currency rise over the past year. Last week’s crash was an “opportunity to buy so much more”. She tweeted a link to Coinbase’s online exchange so her followers could trade cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, the 65-year-old President of the European Central Bank, Lagarde, is quickly becoming one of the most influential voices among cryptoskeptics.

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