Popular Altcoin Daily crypto analyst and moderator Austin Arnold highlighted three altcoins that investors should keep an eye out for in February.

In a recent YouTube video, Arnold told his followers he was optimistic about Cardano and the release of the Goguen Mary update. The update, which is limited to Cardano’s public test network, is expected to be officially released on the mainnet at the end of the month.

Arnold said:

This is a great achievement. This is a big reason the Cardano price is rising in anticipation this month. What this means for you is that assets can now be built on the Cardano blockchain.

Arnold also directed investors to snowswap (SNOW), a decentralized exchange that offers returns to liquidity providers. The crypto trader noted that the project was recently integrated into the popular altcoin chain link to offer fast oracle on its main network.

He said,

Since SnowSwap has the Chainlink Fast Oracle integrated into the mainnet, stakers can use Chainlink’s decentralized Fast Gas Price Oracle to make deposits and withdrawals to ensure that current Ethereum network charges are properly accounted for.

Arnold went on to say quick oracle would enable SNOW users to ensure they are getting the cheapest fees on transactions.

The Altcoin Daily host concluded by highlighting the Enjin (ENJ) coin for crypto assets, which he described as partnering with blockchain firm Labs Group to denote real estate investments. The new collaboration allows owners to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for merchants at Labs Security Exchange.

Selected image source: Photo via Pixabay.com