DALLAS, April 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Texas Blockchain Council welcomes its newest member, Bonifii, an industry leader in privacy and security enhanced digital identity solutions for credit unions.

The Texas Blockchain Council’s mission is to promote blockchain technology initiatives that drive growth and benefit the citizens of Texas. Under the influence of its members, the council advocates blockchain-centric public policy to educate government officials on the benefits of blockchain and provide expertise on topics related to blockchain, virtual currency and distributed ledger technology.
“We are excited to contribute to the council’s efforts to improve the understanding, use, and practical application benefits of blockchain / distributed ledger and digital identity technology Texas Legislators from our experience working with the credit union industry, “said John Ainsworth, President and CEO of Bonifii.

Bonifii’s flagship product, MemberPass (R), enables the exchange of verifiable credentials between customers and credit union branches, leveraging a combination of distributed ledger, biometrics and cryptography to protect the consumer and small business members of the credit unions. MemberPass is a digital passport with which members can conveniently access their financial accounts and at the same time ensure control over and protection of their personal data.

Natalie SmolenskiThe Chair of the Texas Blockchain Council’s Digital Identity Committee said, “Blockchain technology provides a new infrastructure for digital identity that decentralizes claim ownership and review. Organizations like Bonifii have been at the forefront of bringing these technologies to market.” to bring financial sector. We are excited to partner with Bonifii to redefine the future of digital identity in Texas. ”

To learn more about Bonifii, please visit Bonifii website at www.bonifii.com.

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