Tron – DoubleJacks ICO gives users around the world access to € 250 million lottery

The multi-billion dollar igaming industry has grown exponentially in recent years, but geo-blocking parameters have prevented several users from participating in igaming. Gone are the days when the sector was limited to traditional pros and cons. With blockchain in the picture, the igaming industry is now in a crucial phase for millions more to play.

Access to Igaming is now an option for millions more thanks to DoubleJack, a global financial technology startup. And their mission is all about philanthropy and insurance building.

DoubleJack has launched its Tron-based utility token “DJACK”, which gives users geo-blocked by regional barriers access to its lottery platform and the associated benefits. The funds from the sale of utility tokens DJACK will be used to develop the insurance program and to sell insurance-linked securities (ILS). This in turn enables the company to offer a much larger jackpot.

How does DoubleJack change the paradigm with the help of its utility token DJACK?

The startup not only gives buyers access to its platform to help them buy lottery tickets. However, the token also gives buyers some unique opportunities immediately after purchase that have never been presented before. Here are some of the ways DoubleJack is looking to make the much-needed changes in the industry:

Influencer income: This is passive income that DJACK token holders can earn by becoming influencers and sending referral QR code links to other people. The official document indicated that for every 20 people who receive a referral code, the influencer can earn passive income that ranges from $ 100 million to $ 6 million. Income depends on the influencer’s DoubleJack.Club status. These incomes, which are essentially passive in nature, are distributed from one third of the lottery’s total jackpot.

Philanthropic opportunities: This is where the philanthropic element arises. Influencers are encouraged to develop their own charitable initiatives and donate to local charities with the passive income they receive.

Asset management option: Lottery jackpot winners will have the opportunity to work with asset management company Turner Little to help winners achieve not just their personal goals, but also their business goals.

DoubleJack aims to break down geoblocking barriers and empower everyone to earn passive income and get involved in charity. To bolster the philanthropic lottery ecosystem, DoubleJack is leveraging utility token sales to raise funds to build its own proprietary insurance company and provide insurance-linked securities to institutional and accredited investors.

The influencer program launched in late 2020 is expected to be a great success.

Tron – DoubleJacks ICO gives users around the world access to € 250 million lottery

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