February 5, 2021 Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industrial organization working to do business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain announces the official launch of the world’s first Bitcoin SV-focused massive open online course (MOOC), created in collaboration with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and their own company Saxion Blockchain Institute in the Blockchain research group.

The first online course to be started. ‘What is Bitcoin and why is it important?? ‘is available from February 5th to September 1st and introduces Bitcoin as a technology – for system, network, protocol, blockchain and digital currency. The courses, including all reviews, are offered for free and are available through Saxion University to anyone around the world interested in Bitcoin.

“What is Bitcoin and why is it important?” is the first of four planned MOOCs that will be created in collaboration between the Bitcoin Association and Saxion University. Future courses should build on the knowledge acquired in previous courses and be part of an advanced curriculum that continually addresses more technically advanced content.

Learners can progress through the class at their own time and pace. At the end of each course, participants are asked to complete an assessment to demonstrate their expertise. Upon successful completion, a course certificate from the University of Saxion is available.

The series of MOOCs is taught with an emphasis on Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), a restoration of the original Bitcoin protocol prescribed by creator Satoshi Nakamoto. As Satoshi had envisioned, the Bitcoin SV network can be scaled indefinitely, which enables high transaction throughput with minimal fees (the average cost of sending a transaction on the Bitcoin SV network in 2020 was less than 1/100 US cent ) and a large number of companies enable data functionalities that are unique to the blockchain.

To learn more and sign upWhat is Bitcoin and why is it important?‘visit this shortcut.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the Bitcoin Association, said: “Education is central to what we do at the Bitcoin Association. After many years of misinformation about Bitcoin, we want to help students and business people better understand that Bitcoin is not a digital gold store, it is both a more efficient system for internet payments and a global data protocol The Bitcoin SV network demonstrates what is possible with a blockchain that is infinitely scalable and enables large amounts of low-cost payment and data transactions with a variety of innovative companies. Applications are starting to emerge from a cross section of industries. With the launch of the today In the first online course at Saxion University, we are making bitcoin learning easier and more accessible than ever to train the next wave of blockchain innovators and disruptors. “

Dr. Jan Veuger, Professor of Blockchain at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, also commented: “At the Saxion Blockchain Institute we want to provide interdisciplinary skills for the advancement of blockchain technology. With the massive open online courses we are developing that focus on the original protocol of Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV, we want to ensure that everyone – be students, professionals or others – have access to the best blockchain education to develop the next wave of innovation with Satoshi Nakamoto’s design for Bitcoin. This collaboration is special as it is one of the fundamental disruptions in the financial world. “