In today’s bitcoin and cryptocurrency news, learn about the price of bitcoin (BTC) rose from a low of $18,550 to an intraday high of $19,502. Since then, the price of bitcoin has traded sideways, with bulls and bears competing for control of the support level at $19,200. While in Lebanon, a Bitcoin (BTC) evangelist went above and above to spread the word about the currency. International business engineer Said Nassar made Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the centerpiece of his wedding celebration. On the other hand the bitcoin market has seen difficulties. Investors are frantically searching for the finest cryptocurrencies they can purchase for reliable profits due to the bad market performance.  Moreover, Scott Redler, the Chief Strategist of T3 Trading Group, is one of those who has made reference to the September curse in his analysis of the price of bitcoin.

As Attention Turns to the Ethereum Merge, the Price of Bitcoin Trades Close to Support at $19.2k

Original Source: Bitcoin price trades near support at $19.2k as all eyes focus on the Ethereum Merge

The global cryptocurrency market gained a breather from recent selling on Thursday as prices rose across the board after a minor retreat in the DXY, which had been rising relentlessly over the past week.

Bitcoin (BTC) price surged from a low of $18,550 to an intraday high of $19,502 on Wednesday, as the DXY fell. Since then, bulls and bears have battled for control of support at $19,200.

Bitcoin-U.S. dollar values are firmer in early U.S. trading Thursday after dropping to a nine-week low earlier this week.

Wyckoff emphasized that Bitcoin is not out of the woods yet, but noted that “the BC bears have the near-term technical advantage” In the immediate future, prices will move sideways to lower.

On-chain data business WhaleMap presented a chart identifying large accumulation locations where “Whale wallets” are active.

Whalemap identifies “three increasingly painful BTC levels” $19,000, $16,000, $13,000 Which one will hold?”

The severe decline on BTC’s chart shows no signs of abating soon.

Altcoins beat Bitcoin

Altcoins outperformed BTC on Thursday, as they often do amid volatility surges.

Ethereum (ETH) rose 5% to $1,655 as the market stays positive on Merge.

Polymath (POLY) rose 138% to $0.44, Golem (GLM) rose 49.4%, and OKB (OKB) rose 21%.

Bitcoin’s dominance percentage is 37.6% of the total cryptocurrency market worth.

The Lebanese couple’s Bitcoin-themed Wedding

Original Source: Getting hitched, Satoshi style: A Bitcoin-themed wedding in Lebanon

A Bitcoiner gave 4,000 Satoshis to each attendee at his wedding and adopted a volcanic theme.

A Bitcoin advocate in Lebanon went all in. Engineer Said Nassar based his wedding on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin.

Every wedding guest received Satoshis (the smallest Bitcoin denomination) as a wedding gift, and the motif was volcanoes, a tribute to El Salvador’s Bitcoin bonds, known as the Volcano bonds.

Nassar told Cointelegraph he used a volcanic stand and the Lightning Network to give prizes. Under each post-ceremony cutlery set were instructions to download a Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet to receive 4,000 Satoshis. At the wedding, the gift was $1.60; owing to unfavorable market activity, it’s now worth $0.80.

The link led the wedding guest to a YouTube video on how to set up a wallet and why to acquire Bitcoin. Of the 250 to get wedding Satoshi presents, 75 downloaded wallets and asked Nassar to donate 4,000 Satoshis—this was their first Bitcoin.

At 30%, his approach for encouraging Bitcoin acceptance is high given that global adoption may only reach 10% by 2030. Plus, Nassar adds, “They all saw it and thought about it.”

Nassar is a Bitcoin lover. So his wedding day is the perfect opportunity to “orange pill” or teach folks about Bitcoin. He created Lebanon’s first Bitcoin-themed escape room and joked that he has a half-hour limit for non-Bitcoin topics when making connections.

Twitter user Stackmore also uses weddings to establish a family and stack SATs. Five years ago, Stackmore gave Satoshis as wedding gifts.

Lebanon’s inflation rate topped 200% in January. Bitcoin, with a fixed quantity of 21 million coins and a set issue pace, is deflationary.

Despite recommendations from top executives not to acquire Bitcoin in Lebanon, AlJazeera reports growing adoption. For Nassar, “Hyperbitcoinzation starts at home” “All my close friends and family members have acquired Bitcoin, and my mum is a coiner,” he says.

Following the Bitcoin Crash, These 5 Cryptocurrencies Are Poised to Soar Higher

Original Source: These 5 Cryptos are Set to Rocket Higher After the Bitcoin Crash

The bitcoin market is hurting. Yesterday, Bitcoin hit June 2022 lows of $18K. Investors are looking for the best cryptocurrencies to buy for substantial profits. Below are five cryptos set to soar after Bitcoin’s fall.

After Bitcoin’s crash, five cryptos will pump 

After Bitcoin’s crash, five cryptos will pump 

Tamadoge will skyrocket despite the Bitcoin crash. Tamadoge is a crypto gaming ecosystem where players can buy Tamadoge pets with NFTs and utilize them in battle.

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn ecosystem that uses memecoin. Tamadoge solves the problems of previous memecoins by delivering utility and good tokenomics, including a 2 billion coin cap.

Currently, Tamadoge is in presale. The Tamadoge website states the presale has raised $13 million and is ending.

 Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT is a good buy despite the Bitcoin meltdown. IBAT was one of the most successful crypto IDOs. The presale finished early due to demand.

Battle Infinity is a fantasy sports NFT game that could be one of the greatest in the market. The IBAT Premier League lets gamers buy NFTs of real-life players. Players get award points based on their performance during the season. Reward are IBAT tokens.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

The Lucky Block NFT Competitions Platform is a top project despite the bear market. On the Lucky Block NFT contests platform, players can buy NFTs. On the platform, you can win a mansion, $1 million in Bitcoin, VIP World Cup tickets, and more.

LBLOCK is listed on PancakeSwap, one of the best DeFi exchanges, and LBank, MEXC Global, and Early October’s Lucky Block bridge will also boost prize gains.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

Terra Classic could possibly rise this month (LUNC). LUNC is doing well despite the downturn market. In two weeks, the token has tripled.

LUNC is growing because to a 1.2% tax proposal to incentivize token-burning. Token burning will limit LUNC supply and encourage price growth.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ether (ETH) is projected to gain in the coming weeks because to Merge. The Merge is scheduled for mid-September; if successful, ETH might achieve big gains and overcome the unfavorable market trend.

The Ethereum Merge will switch Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The Merge will cut Ethereum’s energy use by 95%

Reasons Why Bitcoin Prices May Reach $10,000

Original Source: The September Curse: Why Bitcoin Price May Touch $10,000

September is a gloomy month for bitcoin and the crypto industry. In 2021, bitcoin’s divergence from expected market trends fueled anticipation it would overcome the September curse, but it didn’t. With the new month beginning, it’s expected that BTC’s price will continue to fall as it enters the bear market’s worst phase.

Analyst predicts impact

Scott Redler, chief strategist of T3 Trading Group, has mentioned the September curse when analyzing bitcoin’s price. Redler released a bitcoin chart showing its price movement since last year, highlighting crucial technical aspects.

$17,600 is a key level for BTC. After setting a new record, the cryptocurrency plummeted below its previous cycle peak. Bulls must hold $17,600 to avert further fall.

If the digital asset falls below this level, the next support is $13,500, according to Redler’s chart. The next feasible position below $13,500 is $10,200.

The strategist says the month will determine BTC’s price. BTC’s next big level is slightly above $25,000 if bulls can hold above this level, which serves as a bounce point.

Bitcoin this month?

Bitcoin closely follows historical trends. Even after breaking trends in 2021, it stayed close to others. “September Curse” was one. The term was coined because bitcoin’s price always drops in December.

Last year was no different despite the bullish crypto market. Bitcoin started September 2021 at $53,000 but dropped over $10,000 by month’s conclusion. El Salvador formally accepted the cryptocurrency as a digital asset, and Cardano launched smart contracts.

Bitcoin may continue this trend given this. The digital asset started the month above $20,000 and is now below this critical threshold. If BTC follows its 2021 trend, the price will likely decrease to roughly $16,000, or 20%.

Summary of today’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news

To put it simply, as the general market continues to be bullish on the impending Merge, Ethereum (ETH) experienced a 5% price recovery to reach an intraday high of $1,655.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin themed wedding Nassar would be the perfect time to “orange pill” or educate more people about the importance of Bitcoin. 

In addition, there are five cryptocurrencies that are poised to soar higher. These are the following, Tamadoge (TAMA), Battle Infinity (IBAT), Lucky Block (LBLOCK), Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), and Ethereum (ETH).
Finally, digital asset is already showing signs of decline, starting the month above $20,000 and already falling below this important technical level.