Blockchain gaming is one of the hottest trends in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. Anyone can make money from these games, although some require quite a high upfront investment. GameZone is a revolutionary project in the blockchain gaming segment and will improve the cross-chain interoperability of games.

The power of blockchain gaming

At the beginning of the year it became clear how much potential there is in combining gaming with blockchain technology. With video games remaining one of the fastest growing industries – currently valued at over $ 162 billion – it’s a prime gateway for people of all ages. In addition, it is an alternative form of entertainment that can be accessed through a variety of devices including cell phones and tablets.

For blockchain developers, gaming offers a way to reach a global audience. Building a video game with cryptocurrency backing has proven to be relatively easy. Successful projects today include Axie Infinity, Farmers World, Devikins and many others. These games often offer a collectable aspect, combined with combat – in PvE or PvP mode – and an integrated system to improve your characters or create entirely new ones. In addition, they introduce a play-to-earn model that isn’t present in other video games.

Using the example of Axie Infinity, it is a game that users can play on their computer or mobile device. Players earn in-game currencies to breed new monsters or improve existing ones. All assets in the game are non-fungible tokens that can be freely traded in the marketplace. Empowering the player and giving them complete control over the in-game assets and monetization is a radical approach. However, it can change many lives as playing video games can become a source of income for anyone.

A recent Blockchain Game Report confirms the continued growth in the industry. More unique active users are finding their way to blockchain games. That growth is likely to accelerate for the foreseeable future, although the industry can benefit from significant improvements such as cross-chain support. GameZone can have the answer to this pressing matter.

The GameZone service suite

The GameZone team is targeting the blockchain gaming industry by offering a new community-owned launchpad. Players who invest in games through this launchpad own some of the game they support. This allows everyone to become the hero of their own story and create a deeper connection between game developers and the people who play their games. In addition, the launchpad democratizes access to in-game assets and tokens early on, instead of reserving this right to whales, venture capitalists and other investors.

Since blockchain gaming often revolves around metaverses, a different technical approach may prove necessary. Through GameZone, gamers can get access to promising games across various blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Velas, Polygon and others. It’s a “permanent season pass” to blockchain games with early access to new games before someone else does. Cross-chain engagement in blockchain games to be earned will increase the potential of individual projects and ensure that there is a growing player base from day one.

Projects that use GameZone for their start will benefit from various solutions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an early stage project or an established game. GameZone Level 2 will help incubated projects benefit from various white label solutions. These solutions can include a decentralized marketplace, NFT loans, revenue sharing, onboarding modules, and more. GameZone’s team aims to create an end-to-end solution to catalyze the growth and development of blockchain games.

It’s also worth noting that GameZone has a grant program for emerging blockchain games. Developers developing a disruptive game or a solution with innovative experience can secure funding and have full access to BlueZilla’s extensive network and resources. This includes legal, marketing, consulting and technical solutions for every stage of development.

Access to the BlueZilla network is a significant boon to any blockchain game. The team has launched several successful projects – including launchpads for Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano and Velas – and is now focusing on blockchain gaming. Speaking of VelasPad, the token launch for this platform recently generated 150x the ROI for early investors. This confirms that the team knows how to develop a compelling solution that can pay more attention to an ecosystem.

$ GZONE IDO September 30th

Access to GameZone’s native token ($ GZONE) will be possible through the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on September 30th. Tokens sell for $ 0.005, and the team is targeting an initial market cap of $ 155,000. The maximum offering is $ 1 Billion GZONE, 11% of which will be sold on public sale. Tokens provide access to a tiered system based on staking.

Higher tiers include better allotment packages – rarer BNFTs, more tokens, or other benefits. In addition, $ GZONE qualifies for participation in upcoming Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) and Initial NFT Offerings (INOs) via the Launchpad.

$ GZONE is a deflationary token that carries a 7% fee on a sell order. Two percent are burned permanently, the remaining 5% are paid out to the stakers. There is also an early withdrawal fee of up to 25% to prevent token flipping. On the other hand, those who wager $ GZONE earn from the sales fees and receive rewards from those who drop out early.

$ GZONE will be launched as a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain. Other chains may be considered in the future depending on user demand and utility.