PALO ALTO, California., June 28, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become a convenient, and therefore preferred, method of fundraising given the rise in price and popularity of cryptocurrency. Before it can be implemented, however, the business logic must be integrated into the infrastructure. This requires extensive know-how in the blockchain and crypto area.

The global blockchain development company HashCash Consultants aims to support a renowned “food and beverage” company based in the United Arab Emirates by providing complete ICO solutions. The ICO’s fund would be used to grow the already established business by allowing itself to cheaply acquire previously thriving food companies that are failing amid the pandemic situation. This attempt was intended to revive the failed companies and reinstall the employees.

The supply coin thus formed would be covered by the value of the expanding company. The coins would be offered in a variety of schemes to meet the religion-centered needs of Middle Eastern investors.

The marketing team for this project, led by CEO Raj Chowdhury, is already carrying out a thorough market research, the results of which are to be implemented in a white paper.

Founder and CEO Chowdhury notes: “HashCash carved out a niche for itself early on and is now a popular name in the blockchain and crypto space. This project with its unique challenges will further improve our portfolio. “

Recently, HashCash has a partnership with one Egypt-based fintech to provide the crypto solution for a domestic money transfer project. HashCash has made significant strides in the areas of CBDC development and NFT.

“Crypto is developing at an unfathomable pace. A wide variety of industries have benefited from the technology, and we see new innovations every day. This project is the result of similar brainstorming and we look forward to supporting more such projects, ”added Chowdhury.

As an organization that advocates the use of blockchain technology and concepts such as tokenization, projects like this are a benchmark in development.

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