• Cardano, Avalanche, Polkadot and The Graph are the top 4 altcoins that can give Bitcoin and Ethereum stiff competition
  • Altcoins can bring 100x and even 1000x returns in a few years
  • Altcoins are much more scalable and faster than BTC

Bitcoin and Ethereum are possibly the top cryptocurrencies that are very popular because of their blockchain and other features. However, certain altcoins can give these currencies some stiff competition. We take a look at the top 4 altcoins that will change the face of the crypto industry in the future.

Popularity of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity every day and among these, Bitcoin is the top and most popular cryptocurrency that has reached new heights in every trading session. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever to be launched.

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Bitcoin has proven itself in the crypto world. After seeing their success some institutions and companies got interested in cryptocurrency and launched their versions of altcoins. They are also known as alternative cryptocurrencies, which were developed on the same blockchain technology with few changes.


With the recent introduction of several other cryptocurrencies, many alternative cryptocurrencies are being introduced around the world. Some of these altcoins are superior to bitcoin technology. So if people want to invest in coins other than Bitcoin, they can, but unlike Bitcoin, they cannot win in the short term.

The altcoins have issues like more volatility and the chance of not getting popular or celebrated, but they can also produce hundreds or even a thousand times better returns in a few years. Investing in them is a good idea. That means people can invest in these altcoins.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is not unknown to people. Hence, it has become necessary to invest in some coins that have the latest technology. In addition, these new currencies offer more advantages as they are developed on the latest technology. They are much more scalable and faster than BTC.

Some may think that investing in altcoins is very early now because the performance and future of these altcoins are not clear. However, this should not be the reason to stop investing in altcoins. Below you can see the top four altcoins with a bright future.


One of the altcoins that has a bright future is Cardano. The coin is more energy efficient, one of the major drawbacks of Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the market capitalization, the price of the cryptocurrency reached a significantly high value. It was the third largest cryptocurrency. While it’s not considered the third largest right now, it will be available soon. The importance has not yet lost. This is because the technology used in Cardano is very fast and advanced. The cryptocurrency is constantly working to provide a better experience for users.


The next altcoin promising a brighter future is avalanche. The name says there will be no stopping this currency once it becomes a more popular altcoin among traders. One of the important points to keep in mind is that the blockchain technology that is used in each cryptocurrency, how this technology affects the functioning of the coin, how efficient the network is, what processing functions it offers, how mining is done can be and much more. To your surprise, all of these features are available in Avalanche. It’s one such altcoin that can do more than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It can support an essentially good number of transactions, and the power required to do so is also comparatively less.


The next altcoin is polkadot, which is very famous among traders. It was launched by a Swiss company during the pandemic and supported the latest blockchain technology, making it a great investment in the long run. The coin is equipped to fix many problems that other altcoins were unable to solve. This can be the problem of scalability, multiple transitions, and more. This altcoin is different from other altcoins available in the market in that it can communicate with other blockchains.

The graph

This cryptocurrency is fairly new to the market, but it has become a favorite with many investors. The response, love and appreciation this altcoin received is very remarkable. The diagram is also known as the “Google of Blockchains”. This coin gets more credit than other altcoins on the market. Uniswap is using this coin extensively and sees the potential to grow in the future.