The data integration product now supports all major blockchain and crypto specifications

Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC, a data integration and automation company focused on the electronics industry, today announced support for blockchain, smart contract and non-fungible token specifications, as well as the acceptance of standard cryptocurrencies for payment.

“Blockchain-based technologies provide a clear and verifiable mechanism for exchanging information and payments,” said Tony Powell, CTO of Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC. “Orbweaver’s platform now supports these specifications, so our customers can quickly participate in any blockchain-based integration with little development effort.”

Orbweaver is primarily active in the electronics industry and has customers in the automotive, industrial, electrical, aerospace and related industries with supply chains from manufacturing to distribution. Their core products focus on automating the transfer of data in and out of a company in any format. Orbweaver’s DataHub product acts as a universal data translator that enables organizations to quickly and easily send and receive digital documents regardless of format. The main modes of digital communication supported by Orbweaver DataHub include API, EDI, Flat Files (ETL), JSON, and XML / CXML.

Orbweaver customers typically use the core integration product to make buying and selling parts easier. In any industry with a relatively complex supply chain, multiple documents must be exchanged (often manually) to facilitate a purchase or sale. These documents include inquiries, quotations, orders, change orders, invoices, ship notifications, forecasts and sales data, among other things. Orbweaver automates the sending and receiving of these documents to make the relationship between two trading partners more efficient and ultimately generate more profitable transactions for both parties.

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“As supply chains continue to drive automation and digitization, it is imperative that companies adapt to new technologies like blockchain,” said Powell. “We are excited to help our customers make such advances.”

About Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC: Orbweaver is a data integration and automation company based in Bethlehem, PA. The company moves around a million pieces of information per second for its customers and is a trusted provider to many of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors. Orbweaver has been a leader in supply chain integration and automation in the electronics industry since 2012. More information is available at

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