Current status of the crypto niche and analysis of the Cryptofon exchange

It has been twelve and a half years since the dream of financial freedom for the people took its first step with the launch of. Over the past twelve years, the cryptocurrency industry has emerged with countless revolutionary projects that have slowly but surely contributed to its development, adoption, popularity, functionality, and more.

Nowadays, in 2021, the crypto sector has been through a lot and despite all the odds and claims of being a bubble, it is still there, stronger than ever. It managed to go global, it managed to attract investors, and since the beginning of this year its market capitalization has grown by trillions.

One of the main components of the crypto world – without which none of this would have been possible – are of course crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges are companies that emerged to facilitate trading in and investing in cryptos. Over the years they have come a long way, developed user-friendly technologies, added tons of analytics and trading features, and much more.

And sure, they had their own problems, like major hacking attacks, technical issues, regulatory issues, and more. Today, however, many of these issues have been resolved, the security of exchanges has been greatly improved, and many of these companies are now in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Still, crypto users struggle to find the best exchanges and are constantly looking for new platforms that offer more trading pairs, lower fees, better security, more features, more precision in analytics tools, and the like. This constant search for improvement has resulted in the creation of a fully licensed exchange called Cryptofon.

What is Cryptofon? Cryptofon is a fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Estonia. The exchange is very young and was only founded a few months ago, in early 2021. It was founded by two forward-thinking investors who realized that the future of cryptocurrency will bring a huge demand for licensed and fair crypto exchanges, which is why they are trying to provide just that to their current and future investors and stay one step ahead of the curve be.

The two partners are Mr. Ibrahim Kalem and Mr. Hakan Atabaş. The two saw that the crypto money industry is the industry of the future, and without a doubt that the crypto industry will survive, they decided to embark on a new adventure of investing in the future.

They realized that investors usually go for the commission side of the crypto business because of the high risks involved in the industry. So they came to the conclusion that one of the most important investment instruments of the future will be crypto exchange licenses.

Unfortunately, the licenses are not easy to get, but the effort is worth it as the Cryptofon founders believe they will become very valuable very soon.

So they invested around EUR 337,000 to start the exchange, equip it with the best cybersecurity measures they could find, and integrate it with many service infrastructures, including BitcoinAverage, Bitgo, Pusher, OVH, Simplex, and others.

The platform is now growing rapidly and is pursuing a globalization concept that it has already achieved in part by setting up localized trade service centers in several countries. It was also very important to them that the platform could ensure a rapid flow of wealth, and most importantly, their vision was and is to increase the freedom of money worldwide. They strongly believe that if they keep spreading this freedom, they can make a huge difference in the lives of people around the world, and that is exactly what they are doing with Cryptofon.

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