HYDERABAD: The Telangana government will organize a virtual blockchain symposium, Un-Block 4.0, on October 21st.
This is followed by a two-week blockchain hackathon called HackDLT.
At Un-Block 4.0, blockchain technology leaders will share their findings and there will be panel discussions on topics such as: and department-to-department (D2D) collaborations.
These discussions will also shed light on what the future holds for corporate contracts.
In the meantime, HackDLT will take place from October 21st to November 2nd to find solutions to various problems in the public sector.
It is to be run by DLT Labs with support from the New Technology Wing, ITE & C Department, Telangana, to build a research community of blockchain enthusiasts.
Commenting on the program, Jayesh Ranjan, General Secretary of ITE&C, Telangana said, “In an age where data security and governance are paramount, governments and companies will be rapidly adopting advanced technologies such as blockchain to enable secure transactions & Operations with distributed data management. This type of blockchain technology integration is something Telangana is looking for. This hackathon is therefore the right platform to accelerate blockchain capabilities and solve public sector problems. ”
Ajay Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer of DLT LabsTM, said, “Un-Block 4.0 is a perfect platform to reveal the power of the blockchain by showcasing various solution-oriented, industry-level applications that will prove beneficial to both the private sector as well as the public sector. ”