2021 could be the best year yet for anyone looking for a new job in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

Recent research by Crypto Parrot (a provider of crypto trading simulations) shows that the proportion of jobs that contain cryptocurrency or blockchains in listing boards has more than doubled across all industries, increasing by 118%.

These data cover the period from July 16, 2020 to July 16, 2021.

Fewer jobs for blockchain developers, demand for HR and marketing is growing

The study published by Crypto Parrot also provides a breakdown of these new job openings by discipline. Unsurprisingly, software development is the field with the greatest demand from employers, but the share of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related software development-related jobs has dropped by as much as 14.65% over the past year.

Combine this number with the decline in roles in industrial engineering (-12.49%), it shows that the demand for technical roles in the blockchain and cryptocurrency areas has decreased by a total of 27.14%. This includes positions that are directly related to the development and maintenance of the actual hardware and software that power cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Human Resources has seen by far the largest increase in demand based on their share of all cryptocurrency and blockchain job openings. In 2021, job vacancies for HR roles increased by 200% compared to the previous year. Second place goes to marketing, which had more than twice as many listings this year (105.88%) than in 2020.

Other important increases in job vacancies are:

  • Finance: + 100%
  • IT operations & help desk: +53.84%
  • Accounting: + 39.39%
  • Management: +29.87%

What this shift in priorities could mean

One can only speculate about the reasons for this. However, the changing landscape of blockchain standards and protocols and the increasing use and development of open source “blockchain of blockchains” platforms such as Ethereum are likely to play a key role

This can be one of the reasons that the demand for technical roles is falling. Another is the shift of many protocols to a proof-of-stake model, leading to a decrease in the demand for hardware-based roles.

With anyone now technically able to create their own blockchain and / or token, we are seeing a saturation of companies focusing more on monetization than innovation. We can conclude that there are many more jobs available in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors in 2021 than there were last year – a net profit for the industry.

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