Several cryptocurrencies are about to hit a new all-time high. Somewhat surprising given the recent bearish momentum affecting Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most altcoins, however, are not tied to these markets.


Although a lot of people have ignored RUNE for a while, the project is starting to make its move. At a price of $ 3.23, the company is seeing a significant increase in USD and BTC value of 36.8% per day. Today RUNE hit a new all-time high, although this value is likely to be broken again in the coming hours.

1 inch (1 inch)

As a sign of an AMM DEX, 1 INCH has dealt with a few ups and downs since its release. Thanks to a substantial gain today, all this negative sentiment seems to be a thing of the past. The current all-time high is at $ 3.31, but given the current momentum affecting most altcoins, beating it won’t pose any significant challenges.

Quantum (QNT)

People who read our list of Altcoins decoupled from Bitcoin yesterday may have seen the new quant all-time high. QNT is currently trading at just over $ 25, with its all-time high closer to $ 26. The coming hours and days will prove to be very interesting for this project.

Aave (AAVE)

For Aave, one of the OG DeFi projects, it’s been a wild ride. Lately, the price momentum for AAVE has been very positive, resulting in a current price of over $ 285. The all-time high of $ 298.41 is a little further ahead but isn’t necessarily out of reach. It’s worth noting that AAVE is losing ground to Bitcoin and Ethereum, if not as much.

Elrond (EGLD)

One currency on many people’s radar is EGLD, the home currency of the Elrond project. It is now up another 22.8%, making it one of the top altcoins in the market for this division. With a value of nearly $ 58, the surge to a new all-time high above $ 60.92 should take place over the weekend. The coming days will be crucial for most of the altcoins in the market.

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