Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to “Altseason”.

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This is not like the “holiday season” or a meteorological season like winter, spring, summer and fall.

This is a time of rising prices and wealth creation.

It is a season that I highly recommend you understand and take advantage of …

I like to call it the Altseason for short, but the longer name you might hear from others is “Altcoin Season”.

Altcoins are different cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the first crypto and is by far the largest with a market capitalization of nearly $ 700 billion. So altcoins are … well … everything else.

When companies are valued at $ 700 billion, big stock moves are hard to come by. But if you’ve tracked Bitcoin at all in the past few weeks, you’ve seen it go from $ 10,000 to $ 40,000 in less than four months. In just three weeks it even doubled from $ 20,000 to $ 40,000.

But too many people stop there. Altseason is about discovering the other, smaller cryptocurrencies – altcoins that are truly the software programs of the future – that few people know about. They may be smaller, but they make bigger price movements.

Usually much bigger …

Just look at the second largest cryptocurrency. ether. It has reached its own highs. In the same time that Bitcoin is up a little more than 200%, Ethereum has jumped closer to 300%.

As Bitcoin continues to make headlines, I think back to the time I hit the table when I bought it under $ 10,000. It wasn’t a popular phone call with many people. Many believed cryptocurrencies were a fad.

Back then, not only were the skeptics wrong, those who remain skeptical will be missing out on one of the biggest investment trends of the century.

Bitcoin $ 100k is not unrealistic at all. And if the cryptocurrency creates more upside potential, selected smaller altcoins can go even higher.

This is the old season.

I didn’t make that up. It’s not even new. We’ve had altseasons before.

Altseasons follow an event that is embedded in Bitcoin’s software code. It is known as “halving” or “halving” when the amount of new bitcoin that comes into the market is halved. Less new supply in times of strong demand drives prices up.

But by far the greatest opportunity – and the one that few know about – are selected altcoins. In the past old seasons after Bitcoin’s halving, the best altcoins not only followed Bitcoin higher, but also surpassed it.

In the typical scenario after past halves, Bitcoin rallies and erupts first … and then altcoins follow with even more amazing gains as investors look for the next big winners.

Bitcoin has skyrocketed after its most recent halving event. And now altcoins seem to be beginning their big boom too. That makes now the time to buy for the greatest profits.

There is also another factor to consider that could make this old season the biggest to date …

Big money comes in.

Almost nine months after the new Bitcoin supply was halved, the amount was picked up by large companies such as place (NYSE:SQ), PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) and grayscale is higher than ever.

Additionally, several high profile investors and companies are speaking much more positively than before about Bitcoin.

One of the most famous is billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. He called it the best inflation hedge, and now compared investing in Bitcoin to investing in technology stocks early. He also believes Bitcoin is only in the first inning (out of nine).

There’s also Bill Miller, the legendary mutual fund manager who beat the S&P 500 every year from 1991 to 2005. He has also given Bitcoin a positive rating and even urged investors who have no buying risk.

This is an important shift. In the past few years, rallies have been driven more by individual investors who have chosen Bitcoin. This time, a lot of money is largely responsible for the recent rally.

Big money is just dipping into the world of cryptocurrencies, showing that it is still early in the game and so much more is to come.

Remember, cryptocurrencies are not fantasy internet money. The technology on which Bitcoin and Altcoins are based – the blockchain – is the future. Almost everything will one day be built on the blockchain.

It will touch virtually every industry on earth.

Sending money around the world takes seconds and only costs pennies. Buying a home takes days, not weeks – and the transaction costs a small percentage of what it does today. Even tracking a vaccine from creation to the needle in your arm is done on the blockchain.

It drives me crazy to think about what’s to come and that transformation is already underway. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies are constantly being used in more and more places, and this massive disruption presents a once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunity for smart investors like you who trade today.

Blockchain technology is the software of the Roaring 2020s. The best way to build wealth from this huge trend is with the best and strongest altcoins.

At the time of this writing, Matthew McCall held positions (either directly or indirectly) in any of the securities identified in this article.

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