Recently, cryptanalyst and influencer Tyler Swope identified three “undervalued” altcoins in the top 300 cryptoassets by market capitalization and explained why they are undervalued.

In a recently published YouTube video, the host of the YouTube channel “Chico Crypto” spoke about Compound ($ COMP), Energy Web Token ($ EWT) and Perpetual Protocol ($ PERP). Here we take a look at some of the highlights from the comments he made on this video.

Connection ($ COMP)

“The CEO and Founder of Compound… just said last week, ‘Today I had the opportunity to introduce Compound and DeFi to the Federal Reserve staff. ‘Connection is bullish. “

Energy Web Token ($ EWT)

“I love Energy Web. I know what will happen to it. It’s changing the energy game … lots and lots of pilot programs running. Unfortunately the team is focused on not necessarily figuring out the token price which I think is good … but in my opinion there is only time to accumulate …

“But why do I think it’s a choice [should be] is on the way up [that the team is] I’m starting to focus on tokenomics and things like that … I’m always optimistic about EWT. “

Perpetual Protocol ($ PERP)

“They came out with a product that basically goes out in large quantities. I deal with the basics every time. Perpetual is a decentralized perpetual contract for various assets in the crypto asset phase at the moment. “

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