The crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has informed his followers about his top altcoins for February and March.

In a recent YouTube video, Van de Poppe told his 30,000+ subscribers that altcoins are starting to look bullish on their Bitcoin trading pairs after rebounding against Tether (USDT) last month.

The trader advised investors to keep an eye on Cosmos (ATOM), particularly the ATOM / BTC trading pair, which could trigger an uptrend in the days ahead.

He was also optimistic about Celer Network (CELR) trading against BTC, saying it is gradually warming up after a downtrend. He predicted that CELR would do a small run of 60 satoshis before hitting an impulse wave on 115 sats.

In addition, Van de Poppe highlighted Harmony (ONE) versus BTC, which had a similar chart to the CELR / BTC pair.

He said:

“Given that we are currently in a resistance area, it is very likely that we will receive corrective action […] and then we accelerate towards that area (120 sats) and possibly even towards 180 sats. “

The popular trader also looked at DIA / BTC, suggesting it could bottom out soon, which could result in a price acceleration and breakout to 770 Satoshis.

Van de Poppe finished his top altcoin picks with TomoChain (TOMO), which showed positive signs against Bitcoin on the trading charts.

He said:

“As you can see, we are still consolidating. When the bitcoin pair approaches the levels shown here, we can see the price go up three times. “

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