TORONTO, March 4, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Ninepoint Partners LP (“Ninepoint”), a leading alternative asset manager based in Toronto, is joining forces with Cameron and Tyler from Ninepoint to present a thought-provoking discussion on the Bitcoin case Winklevoss, founder of the Gemini Trust and host of veteran anchor Michael Hainsworth. Please take part The investment case for Bitcoin, a virtual live event, on Wednesday, March 10th at 1 p.m. EST.

A must for anyone who wants to assign Bitcoin to their portfolio. Topics to be covered include:

  • Bitcoin as the new digital gold
  • Bitcoin as a portfolio diversifier
  • Demographic tailwind
  • Global acceptance
  • Institutional validation

Alex Tapscott
Mr. Tapscott is an entrepreneur, writer, and seasoned capital markets professional who focuses on the impact of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other digital assets on the business and financial markets. Mr. Tapscott is co-author of the critically acclaimed bestselling non-fiction book, Blockchain Revolution, which has been translated into more than 15 languages ​​and sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. Mr. Tapscott has given over 200 lectures and briefings for executives at companies such as Goldman Sachs (conversations at GS), Google, Allianz, IBM, Microsoft and Accenture. Mr. Tapscott has also written for the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Globe and Mail, and the National Post. In 2017, Mr. Tapscott co-founded the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), a global think tank researching blockchain strategies.

Special guests Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss co-founded Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange and administrator designed to empower individuals through crypto. Gemini is a New York Trust company that enables customers to buy, sell, store, and earn more than 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Zcash, and Litecoin. They graduated from Harvard University in 2004 with a degree in economics and received their MBA from Oxford University in 2010. Together they represented the United States at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, and finished 6th in the men’s couples event. Cameron and Tyler have been angel investors and emerging technology entrepreneurs since 2003. They started investing in Bitcoin in 2012 and launched Gemini in 2015.

Michael Hainsworth
Michael Hainsworth served on the Canadian Business News Network for 18 years. He is Executive Producer and Editor-in-Chief of Futurithmic, a documentary series and publication about the impact today’s technology will have on society in the future. He is also co-host of one of Canada’s most popular podcasts, Geeks & Beats, starring radio legend Alan Cross.

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