read article Rama Devi Lanka, Director, Emerging Technologies and OSD, Telangana Government

Although India phased in the electronic voting system many years ago, there were allegations between 1998 and 2001 that the electronic voting machine (EVM) was susceptible to tampering. However, it remains an important milestone in the history of electoral reform in India, apart from the widespread changes implemented by TN Seshan, who served as Chief Election Commissioner from 1990 to 1996.

Further landmark reforms are pending that will change the face of the elections in India. In 2015-16 PM Narendra Modi proposed the idea of ​​a “One India One Election”, which was also approved by the then President, the late Pranab Mukherjee. The current Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora has also shown the willingness of the Electoral Commission to hold elections in India at the same time. While the One Nation One India elections have been widely debated and debated, there is one road that breaks electoral reform that is being tacitly worked on in Telangana. Vote from home or online. The pandemic has made people work from home. Home-based voting is likely to become a reality.

There are two fundamental challenges in enabling online voting. How do I authenticate the voter? and saving the votes for counting after the voting process is completed. “How to authenticate a person and how to secure the vote after it has been cast are two major challenges. These are handled with blockchain and AI, ML, ”informs Rama Devi Lanka, Director – Emerging Technologies and OSD, Govt of Telangana. She spoke in the panel discussion “Exploring the myriad of opportunities for new technologies in the government sector” organized as part of Digital Technology Sabha 2021.

Authentication can be done using aadhaar and facial recognition, provided the voter is either live or comparing the photo to voter ID or other databases.

After submission and authentication, the votes are stored in an anonymized format in a blockchain. The cryptographic keys are used to encrypt or decrypt the voices.

The Telangana State Electoral Commission had planned to test the online voting method in the last election for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in December 2020. However, the plan was later dropped.

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