After hitting all-time highs, both Bitcoin and Ether have seen a wave of correction. while the former seems to be stagnating, the latter kept sliding. Experts believe the current drop in prices is a temporary setback and even a healthy pullback before Bitcoin and Ether hit higher ranges.

However, a popular trader and crypto analyst plans to invest in more altcoins instead of buying the leading digital assets.

The analyst @smartcontracter went to Twitter and stated that he would rather it invest in project tokens typical of Aave, Synthetix, Cream, Chainlink, Uniswap, SushiSwap and Perpetual Protocol.

Wow, you’ll really want tickers, hey

I like $ aave $ snx $ cream $ link $ uni $ sushi $ defi perp

– “Bluntz” (@SmartContracter) January 20, 2021

Previously, the trader had given an exact forecast of the bear market low of Bitcoin in 2018. The analyst now Expectations If Bitcoin drops below the 33,000 area, the asset could hit the $ 26,000 mark. Additionally, SmartContracter quoted Another analyst who noted the current corrective scenario and predicted Bitcoin’s supposed decline especially to $ 26,000 after retesting “39-40k”.

Source: Twitter

Longhash recently announced that 92% of crypto tokens have “outperformed Bitcoin” in the past seven days. E.Although altcoins appear to perform better than Bitcoin, no crypto can currently replace Bitcoin as its market capitalization is large.

As Longhash research found, Ethereum may have risen 22% versus Bitcoin over the past week, but “Ether’s market capitalization could quadruple and still lag Bitcoin.”

However, at press time, Bitcoin and Ether were trading at $ 32,366 and $ 1,227, respectively. On the other hand, the merchant’s selection of cryptos is now worth it: AAVE ($ 190.55), SNX ($ 14.06), CREAM ($ 156.66), LINK ($ 21.64). UNI is trading at $ 8.69, SUSHI is trading at $ 6.67, and PERP is trading at $ 5.27.